Pedagogical approach

Our innovative pedagogical approach, which is founded on:


  • Challenge-oriented education.

  • An outcome-oriented curriculum. 

  • Research-based curriculum. 

  • Innovation and transfer-orientation through an open communication structure.

  • Interdisciplinary broadening from engineering.

  • Learning by experience and practice sharing.

  • A system of internship, apprenticeship and partnerships, engaging stakeholders and coordinating them through the EELISA Apprenticeship and Training Office.

  • Effective mobility covering the entire university (administrative staff, faculty and students) across our HEIs will be fostered though several mechanisms, including the EELISA Mobility and Student Office, European Student Card, student networks and initiatives, shared professorships –EELISA appointments–, alumni network..).


Pilot Areas

Our pilot areas (Sustainable and Smart Industries and Smart, Green and Resilient Cities) were chosen both because they rank high on in the European and our local stakeholders’ agendas and because of the academic strength of our universities in these fields.

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