Diverse and ever-expanding nodes where education, research, professional experience, and societal challenges merge.

The EELISA communities are mission-driven working groups that bring together students, teachers, and researchers from all partner universities with prestigious professionals, grassroots organizations, citizens, private companies, and public institutions to find innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

Each community will define its main elements: mission, challenges, people/organization, activities, and evaluation criteria. All of them offer the possibility to gain EELISA Credentials  –  a passport in which  student collects the evidence or “badges” of his/her contribution to social challenge solving processes.

Meet the Pioneer EELISA Communities!

This is a space for the EELISA Communities to network and become visible to the outside world. Take a look at the mission and their key facts of each EELISA Community and become part of this European research, teaching and innovation project. Feel free to contact the respective Community leaders directly by e-mail and start the exchange of ideas.

Green Planet

Green Planet is a community dedicated to preserving our planet with the help of intelligent…

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CIRCULAR aims to develop resources for promoting the incorporation of a mindset that favours the…

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EELISA on-the-MOVE aims to create a multidisciplinary community to address the challenge of creating sustainable…

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STAR’s mission is to train tomorrow’s experts in sustainable territorial development through an integrated approach…

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