EELISA Industrial Chair Model

An Industrial Chair is a prestigious academic position that involves a close partnership between a university or research institution and an industry or a consortium of industrial partners. Industrial Chairs can facilitate hands-on collaboration between academia and industry, involving multiple partner institutes to harness their collective expertise and resources for the advancement of research and innovation.

To exploit this potential, EELISA partners agreed on a joint protocol for the nomination of EELISA Industrial Chairs that is currently being tested, and the first call for industrial chairs was launched in November 2023. You can find information about the call here and about the conditions for applying for an industrial chair in this document.

Industrial PhDs

An industrial PhD is a doctoral programme in which research is carried out in strong collaboration with the industry (sometimes under a co-supervision scheme) where the research results are close to industrial utilization based on pre-drafted IP rights and financing agreements

In order to explore the possibilities of offering joint industrial PhD programmes, as a first step, EELISA partners mapped EELISA partners’s practices regarding industrial doctorates (working methods, financing schemes, IP rights, requirements). You can find a detailed description of EELISA practices in Deliverable 6.2 Plan for collaborative RDI, technology transfer and innovation ecosystems.

Science Park developement model

Science Parks are conceived as networked smart spaces where industrial, governmental, academic, and research stakeholders come together in close proximity and offer new services. Science Parks may prove to be vital instruments of transformation for the universities. They can multiply the innovation potential and contribute to creating New Technology Based Firms to streamline innovation.

EELISA has proposed a model for the future creation of joint science park, where the individual Science Parks as hubs can be interconnected with each other through the EELISA universities. You can find more information about the proposed model here.