Unlocking Full innOvation capacity buiLDing and entrepreneurship (EELISA Unfolds) is an initiative led by EELISA members: UPM, ENPC, FAU, SNS, SSSA, UPB, and associated partners (ARTES4.0 and Fundación Universidad Empresa).

This component of EELISA is set to contribute to the transformation of higher education institutions into key players of the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem.

Students, academics, researchers, staff and key industry players such as start- ups, will be invited to engage in:

  • innovative student engagement activities,
  • new collaborations with external partners looking for co-creation of high-impact, social and economic opportunities,
  • enhanced structures for creating start-ups and venture builders for spin-offs,
  • specific programs for innovation-driven research,
  • the development of an entrepreneurial curricula based on credentials,
  • the development of advanced training and mentoring schemes.