The EELISA Recognition System is rooted in EELISA’s DNA: it is proof of intercultural skills, ability to learn and work in international settings and in a diversity of mobility formats, and hands-on experience in projects with societal impact in line with the SDGs. If you are an EELISA student, the opportunity to gain recognition signed by nine prestigious universities is waiting for you:

EELISA Supplement

It will be granted to any student who has collected a total amount of ECTS credits during her/his degree that is equal, or higher, to 6 ECTS credits per academic year. These ECTS can be earned through physical, hybrid, and digital mobility with other partners in the alliance.

Ready to gain your ECTS? Check and apply to the courses and programs offered by EELISA partners HERE

For assistance with ongoing traditional mobility (Erasmus +), check the list of international offices at each EELISA university HERE

EELISA Credential

Is the “academic materialization” of the students’ involvement in the innovative and transformative learning experiences offered by the EELISA Communities – it is a passport, certified, fraud-free, and IT-based, in which the student collects the evidence (“badges”) of his/her contribution to social challenge solving processes.

Find out more about the issuance of the first EELISA Credentials


Multisite delivered – curricula will be offered at universities based in different cities, and students will have the chance to configure their degree programme passing through multiple institutions. Based on a common internal quality assurance mechanism, this EELISA Degree will set the mark of what the new the European Engineers are – professionals ready to tackle global challenges and work within interdisciplinary, multilingual, diverse and pan-European environments.