The governance of EELISA relies on the following bodies and resources:

Decision bodies

  • The Governing Board  is  the main strategic board composed of the Rectors, Directors, and President of all the EELISA institutions. It defines the long-term vision of the Alliance and nominates the members of the other boards. This body also includes the EELISA President and a representative of students, academics and administrative staff.
  •  The Student Council is a group composed of roughly 20 students from all the EELISA partners representing over 190.000 students of the Alliance. Their members take part in the EELISA boards (Governing, Executive, Academic & Scientific Boards) as well as the EELISA work packages to bring the student’s views, perspectives, and energy.


Advisory Bodies

  • The Academic & Scientific Board advises the governing board on educational and scientific issues as well as societal challenges EELISA may focus on. The EELISA Dean of Studies is the coordinator of this board.
  • The Employment Committee advises the Academic & Scientific Board on employability, entrepreneurship education, and internships.
  • The Evaluation Committee (quality assessment) monitors EELISA’s activities and assesses the implementation of internal quality procedures and outcomes through relevant indicators.


Operational Bodies & Resources

  • The Executive Board is an operational body that works towards the implementation of the EELISA strategy and whose representatives act as EELISA coordinators within the corresponding institutions. It includes the EELISA Coordinator, in charge of the overall coordination and implementation in accordance with the EELISA Grant Agreement.
  • The EELISA Office manages the project and is led by the Executive Director, who is also a member of the EELISA Executive Board.