In synergy with the ongoing European initiatives focused on enhancing the development and utilization of research facilities, such as ESFRI, EELISA aims to share research infrastructures and other resources available at local level but not visible at larger scale. This effort has been translated into the first “EELISA Catalogue of Research Facilities”. We invite you to explore the details provided below to gain deeper insights.

Why setting up a catalogue of facilities?

  • To promote shared utilization of available facilities
  • To optimize allocation of new local facilities
  • To prepare the ground for setting up joint facilities
  • To empower our researchers under principles of solidarity and efficiency
  • To make our institutions more resilient at local level before setting up new medium- to large-size facilities

What are the potential outcomes?

  • Increased mobility projects for staff and students and mobility patterns
  • Visiting researcher positions (faculty) or short-term scientific missions
  • International research experiences (graduate students, incl. MSc and PhD)
  • PhD with dual advisors
  • Increased number of co-authored research papers in peer-reviewed journals
  • Increased volume of external funding

Access the EELISA catalogue of research facilities

Would you like to add new facilities to the current catalogue?

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Access the full document about the work of EELISA InnoCORE in the EELISA Catalogue of Facilities HERE.

EELISA innoCORE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101035811