EELISA Policy Liaisons Board

EELISA’s voice in R&I has been channelled mainly through the group called Policy Liaisons Board (PLB). The PLB is a a group of experts in EU projects and EU policy-making from each EELISA partner institution. Its tasks include: identifying opportunities for discussion at EU level; liaising with peers and representing EELISA in relevant activities; or identifying and sharing opportunities to continue or to further increase the collaboration of EELISA partners in research and innovation.

Our work - Some EELISA PLB initiatives

EELISA position paper on Horizon Europe mid-term review

In the context of the public consultation launched by the European Commission on Horizon Europe, EELISA partners took the opportunity to evaluate the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The produced position paper represents the first effort from EELISA partners to jointly analyse as an Alliance the functioning of Horizon Europe, its opportunities and obstacles for participation. You can find more information here.


You can read the full paper here.

EELISA Policy Brief (1)

In November 2022, EELISA partners evaluated their experience so far regarding their collaboration in the R&I field and shared recommendations with DG RTD in the document D1.3 Policy brief. EELISA parnters analysed progress and challenges in different areas, such as strengthening human capital, sharing research infrastructures and other resources or reinforcing cooperation with non-academic actors.

Check out our InnoCORE_UPM_WP1_D1.3 Policy Brief

(This document was not only produced by the PLB but it was the result of a large consultation process among EELISA stakeholders)

Members of EELISA Policy Liaisons Board
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    Roberto Martínez Gamero

    Director of the International R&I Project Office at UPM

  • null

    Martina May

    Leader of the European Research Office (euRO) at FAU

  • null

    Charlotte HUBER

    Head of Europe Unit at ENPC Research Department

  • null

    Dr. Didem Özgür

    Lecturer at ITU Projects Coordination Office – International Projects Department

  • null

    Chiara Carbonaro and Sara Barsanti

    European project officer for Research Department at SSSA

    EELISA project manager at SSSA

  • null

    Prof. Dr. Dana Gheorghe

    Director of Scientific Research at NUST Politechnica Bucharest

  • null

    Dr. Laszlo Gergely Vigh

    Associate Professor at Budapest University of Technology and Economic and EELISA coordinator at BME

  • null

    Lorenzo Bartalesi

    Pro-rector for Internationalization at SNS


EELISA innoCORE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101035811