Welcome to EELISA InnoCORE, where entrepreneurship, co-creation, and innovation thrive! Our mission is to foster a dynamic innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem that empowers our innovators and entrepreneurs to collaborate, innovate, and create positive change. By bringing together diverse talents, ideas, and resources, we aim to create new opportunities that contribute not only to a stronger EELISA innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, but also to a more sustainable and better future for all. Join us on this exciting journey of entrepreneurship, co-creation, and innovation, and together, let’s shape a brighter future. To do so, you can find an overview of the programs, courses, and events that are offered regularly and are open to EELISA on this webpage. We also encourage you to join the “Entrepreneurship without borders” community on the EELISA Community Platform to get to know about these as well as additional activities that are offered irregularly.

You are at the beginning of your innovation and entrepreneurship journey?

Then the following programs, courses, and events might be just for you:

ActúaUPM, the UPM Entrepreneurship Program, has as its main objective the generation of innovative companies with high growth potential and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit. It develops its work around four pillars: the business idea, the team, the resources that support the project, and the business model that the three previous concepts give rise to.

Their program services are: Follow-up from the initial phase to the establishment of the company; analysis of the feasibility of the project; ongoing advice; guidance in the writing of the business plan; training actions geared to the needs of the team; visibility for investors and support in the search for financing; and the actúaupm Business Creation Competition with already nineteen editions held.

For further information, see www.upm.es/actuaupm.

Join the course “Change makers: Shaping the future” and learn to succeed in the rapidly evolving online world!

In this practical course, you will discover tools and methodologies for innovators, based on new developments and opportunities presented in this new era.

Participants will work in teams and develop a real project with guidance from experienced entrepreneurs and academics. It will be held online through the platform Zoom.

Welcome to the workshop series Starting Business Ideas @ FAU! Entrepreneur, intrapreneur, freelancer, project team, founding team, start-up?! – this platform is for you.

Kick off your startup journey with our workshop series that covers everything from defining a value proposition and business model, prototyping, financial modeling, pitching, feedback and 1-on-1 consulting. The series consists of eight workshops delivered virtually as Zoom events and takes place each semester. You may join anytime, even for individual sessions.

For more information, see https://www.dta.fau.de/starting-business-ideas-fau/.

Get the EELISA Entrepreneurship Experience!

The EELISA Entrepreneurship School is a one-week program for EELISA students and staff from all disciplines who can apply either as an ideator with a first business idea or as a co-creator motivated to join another participant’s business idea during the program. All participants must be highly motivated to learn about developing a first business idea into a viable business model and the entrepreneurship toolkit necessary for founding their own startup.

FAU invited innovative talents from all EELISA partners to the first EELISA Entrepreneurship School at the Research Campus Waischenfeld in Germany from 16th to 20th October 2023. After their time together in Waischenfeld, all 25 participants will have taken the first steps on their entrepreneurship journey and will be in a much better position to start their own business.

Watch out for the second edition of the EELISA Entrepreneurship School that will probably take place in October 2024 and be announced here during the summer 2024.


Check out Martina’s experience!

Learn more about past editions here

The EELISA InnoCORE project pursues the ambitious goal to transform EELISA into the first European University that offers test spaces for prototypes to its startups, researchers, and innovators.

To promote this goal, EELISA innoCORE has already called for participation in two EELISA prototype contests. The winning prototypes each got an EELISA test space (worth 15,000 €) at JOSEPHS – The Open Innovation Lab in Nuremberg, Germany. Additionally, applicants with the best prototypes (or prototype ideas) from each EELISA partner won an EELISA co-creation workshop for up to 20 participants with JOSEPHS’ open innovation experts. Both, the EELISA test space and the EELISA co-creation workshop greatly helped the selected winners of the contest to create more successful ideas, products, and services.

The call for the third EELISA prototype contest will probably be published here in September 2024. Here you can find the event webpages of the first and the second EELISA prototype contest and a YouTube video about the first EELISA test space at Josephs.

You are already more advanced in your innovation and entrepreneurship journey?

Then the following programs, courses, and events might be just for you:

The Medical Valley offers customized services for all startup stages and beyond – from the first steps to business formation to the international market entry. For further information, see https://www.medical-valley-emn.de/en/ourservices/services-for-startups/.

ITU SEED Acceleration Program boosts startups to go global with countless opportunities in one of the best metropolises in the world: Istanbul. What is ITU SEED International Startup Accelerator? At ITU SEED, we hosted thousands of startups over the past 10 years and accompanied them in their global success stories. Join us at the ITU SEED International Startup Accelerator! Develop your early-stage company, take advantage of countless opportunities and fast-track commercializing your products at one of the top 5 university-affiliated incubation centers in the world. For further information, see https://ituseed.com/.

If you believe your startup is among the top innovators within EELISA European University and you seek to secure seed or Series A funding, then you should definitely apply for “EELISA Next Level”, which will take place at ZOLLHOF Tech Incubator in Nuremberg, Germany, on 22 and 23 March 2024.

EELISA Next Level is designed to be your seed and Series A funding booster, offering you both: pitch competition and networking event. Our network comprises top European incubators such as Station F in Paris, the largest startup campus in the world, or ZOLLHOF Tech Incubator, the fastest growing tech incubator in Germany with their respective mentors, highly successful startups, and networks of investors.

Find out more here !

EELISA-InnoCORE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 R & I programme under GA No. 101035811