EELISA Food Bank: Rational Food Consumption

Our aim is to prevent food waste by raising awareness and inform about the correct acquisition of food and subsequent consumption. Important key elements to achieve this are: training and educational cooperation at school and university level through activities in schools, institutes and UPM centres, the analysis of the work of Food Banks through the preparation of reports that serve to educate and raise awareness in society as well as dissemination and transfer of knowledge through curricular internships in the Food Banks, seminars, projects and final projects for bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

What are the key goals of your EELISA Community for 2022?

Awareness, Sensitize, Inform, Educate, Cooperate.


What kind of Community Engagement are you looking for?

To reduce food waste, educate in the culture of rational consumption and expand FESBAL’s activities through new relationships that allow us to enhance the achievement of the main objective of recovering society’s food surplus and redistributing it to the neediest people.


What kind of people/stakeholders are you looking for?

Schools, Universities, Food Banks, NGO’s, Volunteers.


What (type of) activities are you offering to Community participants? Please name up to 5 keyword.

Training and educational cooperation activities, scientific research activities and knowledge dissemination and transfer activities.




EELISA Community member institutions & members‘ names:

FESBAL (Federación Española de Bancos de Alimentos); UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid); Grupo de Investigación GESPLAN; Ignacio de los Ríos Carmenado; Félix Muñoz; Ana Afonso.


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