Flight Tests and Experimental Models

It is our goal to develop and disseminate knowledge about Unmanned Aerial Systems for the integration in modern cities’ advanced technology services. For this, we are creating online courses and workshops related to drones; including conceptual design, manufacturing, payload, guidance and control and applications. Undergraduate and graduate students will acquire knowledge in novel aerial projects such as Aerial Taxi Modelling/Development, AI and Machine Learning Applications within Aerial Systems.

Furthermore, we will provide training and the possibility for pilot qualification for our community members. Other key elements will include research and industrial projects in UAV production, test and refining new concepts and methods for collision detection and avoidance as well as the development of miniature powerful sensors. Additionally, we will contact Technical High Schools and related NGOs in order to spread our knowledge and inspire European society for trends in new technologies. We will also connect with business incubation centres in order to support start-up companies with our knowledge and expertise.

What are the key goals of your EELISA Community for 2022?

Research, Engineering, Development, UAV, UAM


What kind of Community Engagement are you looking for?

Participation, Collaborations, Support, Sponsorship, postdoctoral qualification


What kind of people/stakeholders are you looking for?

undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, universities, industry, business incubation centres


What (type of) activities are you offering to Community participants?

UAV courses, workshops, trainings, internships


Contact: petrisor.parvu@upb.ro


EELISA Community member institutions & members‘ names:

Istanbul Technical University, POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest


Further links: http://campus.pub.ro/website/flight-testing-and-experimental-models