IDEE: New expectations to face contemporary challenges, promising avenues opened by research advances

In the last decades, teaching innovation and design in engineering education has mainly consisted in a multi-disciplinary approach, adding management, economics, leadership and/or entrepreneurship courses to engineering sciences curricula, and enabling project-based learning.

Still these practices tend to underestimate what contemporary socio-economics and environmental challenges will require from the engineers and scientists: to be able to manage in the unknown. To face this challenge, we should rely on a new paradigm in innovation and design for engineering education, that is based on generativity (beyond optimization) and design theory (beyond decision theory).

What are the key goals of your EELISA Community for 2022?

Organize a series of learning seminar on Innovation and Design in Engineering Education; Organize a workshop at the end of the year to design new engineering curriculum


What kind of Community Engagement are you looking for?

1) Participate in roundtable on Innovation and Design in Engineering Education.

2) Give a presentation on Innovation and Design in Engineering Education.

3) Participate in a workshop in September to design new engineering curriculum.

4) Participate at the steering Committee.

5) Help build the Community.


What kind of people/stakeholders are you looking for?

1) Academic members: experts in Engineering Education and the relation of Innovation and Design.

2) Teachers: that have experience in teaching Innovation and Design to Engineers.

3) Industrial members: that can provide insights on what are the challenges for Innovation and Design for Engineers in Industry.

4) All persons interested in Innovation and Design for Engineering Education are welcome!


What (type of) activities are you offering to Community participants? Please name up to 5 keyword.

Information exchange, seminars, Workshops.




EELISA Community member institutions & members‘ names:

Mines Paristech and Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.