What is EELISA InnoCORE?

EELISA INNOvation and COmmon REsearch Strategy (InnoCORE) is the research and innovation wing of EELISA. Based on EELISA ecosystem, its Communities, and the challenges identified therein, InnoCORE is intended to delve deeper into the institutional transformation initiated by the Alliance, by focusing on its R+I dimension. EELISA InnoCORE is also working on cross-cutting issues of research: defining a common open science strategy and a gender equality plan, and analysing the cost-benefits and barriers hampering cooperation.

EELISA InnoCORE aims and methodology:

EELISA InnoCORE aims to transform the Research & Innovation dimension of EELISA by:
  1. Connecting researchers, innovators and non-academic stakeholders, and setting up a portfolio of shared scientific infrastructures.
  2. Fostering and supporting the development of joint R&I actions and the creation of new structures (research groups, clusters, joint labs, start-ups, scientific parks).
  3. Optimizing the outreach and impact of these actions.

EELISA innoCORE’s approach is based on horizontal and vertical structures:

Horizontal approach

This is achieved through the EELISA Communities and created to reinforce the educational dimension of EELISA. EELISA Communities are oriented to face societal challenges that raise scientific and technological needs addressed by researchers and innovators.

Vertical approach

This is achieved through temporary or permanent R & I structures, which are created when some researchers and innovators come together to develop joint actions as a way to meet the scientific and technological needs of EELISA Communities.


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More info coming soon.

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