Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Future

Materials Science touches every aspect of human life, from renewable energy, to energetic efficiency, nanotechnology, health, construction, transportation, manufacturing processes, recycling and much, much more. With its help, we can protect the environment and ensure a brighter future for the generations to come.

This is why we aim to use innovative, enhanced materials and devices to boost the transition to greener technologies and contribute to a sustainable future.
In our community, we cover all aspects involved in the production and application of advanced materials: materials and devices design, fabrication, characterisation, testing, upscaling and life-cycle analysis, going from fundamental science to the real implementation in the industry. This allows for a strong component of research-, challenge-, project- and problem-based learning for students of the community.

What are the key goals of your EELISA Community for 2022?

Internationalization, attracting students and external partners, start first Community activities.


What kind of Community Engagement are you looking for?

Collaboration in research projects, Support from external agents, exchange of students.


What kind of people/stakeholders are you looking for?

Professors and researchers of EELISA Universities, students, companies, public institutions.


What activities are you offering to Community participants?

Workshops, MOOCS, research collaborations, laboratory activities, student exchanges.




EELISA Community member institutions & members‘ names: UPM