Protecting European Waters

In coordination with our EELISA-partners, we aim to develop a network of legal scholars, economists, ecologists, engineers, cognitive scientists, and philosophers around the issue of water attrition at European level – be it freshwater or coastal marine areas.

At the legal and economic level, the traditional institutional alternatives between private/public statuses can be assessed in efficiency/equity terms.

Beyond this classical approach, we plan to put on the academic and policy-making agenda two more issues:

1) water resources form physical and vital continua, and the heterogeneity of statuses from one territory to another contributes to their attrition. Hence the ECN-team aims to envision a common European status of water/s (in the guise for instance of a European public trust);

2) the very qualification of water as a resource, although partially justified, obfuscates other invaluable roles it plays in the very conservation of life, which calls for a conceptual and legal requalification of that natural element.

What are the key goals of your EELISA Community for 2022?

translational research, norms, environments, conceptual analysis, valuation.


What kind of Community Engagement are you looking for?

Legal expertise, interface with relevant European institutions, creation of local ECN-teams in partner-institutions.


What kind of people/stakeholders are you looking for?

Local communities of environmental valuators, environmental law experts, policy makers.


What (type of) activities are you offering to Community participants?

conceptual analyses, alternative models, law and economics expertise, international ECN-seminar.