EELISA Open Science strategy: Embracing a new research culture - Working towards a comprehensive mainstreaming of Open Science across the Alliance.

EELISA has set open science as a key cross-cutting issue for the Alliance. EELISA’s work on open science revolves around the following dimensions: Open Access and Research Data Management; Open Science skills and education; Open Science incentives and rewards; and Citizen Science, with a corresponding set of actions as reflected below:

EELISA tools on Open Science: the Open Science Methodological Toolkit

The goal of the Open Science Methodological Toolkit is to provide concrete input for stimulating EELISA partner universities to embrace Open Science, and help them design policies and strategies and to engage in open collaboration practices. Its primary mission is to assist university leadership, policymakers but also stakeholders, academic department chairs, researchers, in developing or reinforcing Open Science by showcasing good practice examples from within Alliance as well as from other stakeholders.

The Toolkit proposes a roadmap for future developments of OS within the EELISA consortium. Consequently, it provides concrete input to the OS development both at EELISA level and at its members level,  by introducing a roadmap comprised of strategic objectives, impacts, outcomes, activities, macro challenges and inputs:

EELISA tools on Open Science: the Strategic Planning and Implementation Guide

The Strategic Planning and Implementation Guide builds on the findings and roadmap developed in the OS Methodological Toolkit (see above). The Guide suggests a non-prescriptive, multi-stage process and specific actions to be taken in the adoption and acknowledgement of Open Science. The OS Strategic Planning and Implementation Guide aims to assist HEIs leaders and teams in charge of designing and implementing OS strategy by offering them a comprehensive set of descriptors to guide the process, a suggested journey towards the full adoption of OS and examples of best practices.

EELISA Network of Open Science Ambassadors
The Network of OS Ambassadors is an informal structure made of OS experts aimed at raising awareness on OS matters.
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Upcoming actions

  • Rewarding excellence in Open Science. The approach is designed to propose, explore and pilot Open Science incentives and rewards, based on new peer review methodologies and Next Generation Metrics, for joint use by EELISA.
  • Innovative Distributed Open Science Training. It will be the main tool for sharing digital training content and for organizing the training programmes.
EELISA innoCORE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101035811

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“EELISA Librarians Team”: a network of professionals to promote Open Science within the Alliance.

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